Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Enterprise Example Part 4

The code for this is available on Github, commit 8a00a5f248.

In this commit, I have added the ability to book visits in advance in the Sales system (and assign them to a consultant), and to book holidays in advance in the Human Resources system.

I have also included a Calendar system. This includes core data about appointments (visits/holidays). Those visits and holidays have a foreign key to their appointment. Holidays and visits could have used the same ID as their corresponding appointment, but I have seen confusion arise from this sort of design before.

Both the Sales and Human Resources systems validate a booking against the Calendar system, to ensure a booking does not clash with any other appointment. The UI does this using request/response over WCF because it is effectively a query and therefore not suitable for NServiceBus.

The Human Resources also validates locally against some holiday specific logic (whether the employee has enough holiday left). This is a useful demonstration of validating against 2 sources. Now I no longer have an application layer, I wasn't quite sure where to put the validation code, as it does not really belong in the UI. I decided to place it in its own assembly.

Future plans include retunring details of clashing appointments and the ability to move appointments.

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