Thursday, 3 January 2013

Enterprise Example Part 2

The code for this post is available on Github. This post relates to commit 217cdad9f5. One thing I was not happy about in the last post was the way when a client had been initialised, it then had to use WCF from th UI to query the Sales service for information about the client. The new design uses a Saga.

Sagas are designed for long running processes, but they can also be used for orchestrating services. Here is what now happens:

  1. When the user completes the form to register a deal in the Sales system, this sends a RegisterDeal command to the Sales message handlers containing the information about the Deal.
  2. This also sends an InitializeClient command to Client Services, which contains information about the Agreement (This command is possibly named incorrectly).
  3. When the RegisterDeal command is handled in Sales, it raises a LeadSignedUp event, containing all information about the lead.
  4. Bot the InitializeClient command and LeadSignedUp event are handled by the InitializeClient saga. Once the saga has received both of these messages, it has all the information to properly initialize the client.
I had at first used the client/lead ID as the correlation Id for the saga, but decided against this, as two users could register a deal for the same client at the same time. Instead I have used a specific CorrelationId. I'm not sure if this is common practice in NServiceBus?

Now I have been able to remove the service references to Sales from the CLient Services UI.

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