Monday, 7 January 2013

Enterprise Example Part 3

The code for this post is available on <a href="">Github</a>. This post relates to commit 4225b569c2.

Another issue I had with the original design was that the value of the Deal was being stored in Client Services, for no reason other than that it could be passed on to Finance when the Agreement is activated. I have decided this is another candidate for a saga.

This is more of a saga in the traditional sense - a long running process. Here is how it happens:

  1. When the user completes the form to register a deal, and the RegisterDeal command is sent, when this is processed, a DealRegistered event is raised.
  2. This is subscribed to by the Finance service, and it starts of an OpenAccountSaga in Finance.
  3. When a user of the Client Services system actives an Agreement, this raises an AgreementActivated event.
  4. This is also handled by the OpenAccountSaga.
  5. When the saga has received both these events, it will have all the information it needs to open the Account.
I found it was not possible to use a specific correlation ID here, and I'm still not sure this is the correct way to go. Instead I have used the Deal ID. The Agreement ID is now different from the Deal ID and the Deal ID is just a property of the Agreement .

I have now been able to remove Value from Agreement.

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