Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Enterprise Example Part 5

The code for this is available on Github, commit 9012233152.

This commit adds the 'ItOps' service. Following Udi's philosophy, this is where emails are sent from.

Two situations have been handled - sending of an invoice from the Finance system and informing managers of Sales when leads have automatically been unassigned (in this case because the consultant has left).

In the Finance example, the user clicks a button on the UI which sends a command to the ItOps service. The service than calls WCF service to get all the information it needs for the email. It then composes the email and sends it (sending has been stubbed out here).

The Sales situation is different - when the leads are unassigned, the Sales service raises an event. The ItOps service subscribes to this event and reacts to it by sending an email informing the manager of the unassigned leads.

In the real world, I am not absolutely happy with having one service handle all the emails for the enterprise - I tend to favour one email handling service per service. This takes the form of a message handler assembly separate from the main message handler.

On issue I have had with this is if the email sending fails, the WCF client is disposed and any retries can't access it. Ths will be ammended in a future version.

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